Bovada is rated “Bad” with 1.3

I would give them less but i can’t
My situation is like this I had a parley of 7 teams and one of them was Real-Betis vs Real Sociedad in the spanish cup. I selected the option to qualify Real Betis as it happened
The 90 min score was 1-1 and in over time Betis won 3-1. Bovada decided that the wager was a push as the team did not qualify in 90 min but clerly they don t know the meaning of To Qualify that is

If you want to bet on who will ADVANCE to the next round, you must bet on the TO QUALIFY market. Here there are only two options, either team to qualify. Therefore Extra Time and Penalties will count for this market, as it will determine who qualifies for the next round.

But unfortunately we are the small guys and can not do anything about these thieves

Ho this will help people from using this company